Om Sadolin & Albæk

About Sadolin & Albæk

About Sadolin & Albæk

Sadolin & Albæk's partners: Christian Fladeland, Lau Melchiorsen, Carsten Gørtz Petersen, Kirstine Sand, Peter Winther, Jan Kristensen
Sadolin & Albæk identifies and implements efficient and innovative solutions relating to commercial and investment properties, with an emphasis on achieving best-value results for our clients.

Market-leading commercial property adviser and agent

The stated objective of the Sadolin & Albæk Group is that we want to be known for our unrivalled skills, integrity, qualified and dedicated staff as well as for providing professional and accommodating client services. In Denmark as well as abroad, we draw on in-depth and comprehensive market knowledge. Coupled with our long-standing industry experience and cutting-edge analytical tools this helps us to create value for our clients.

We strive to maintain these high standards of quality and service throughout, when assisting our clients with commercial lettings, commercial property valuations, property investment strategies or transactions involving major commercial and investment properties.

Sadolin & Albæk strives to be the foremost and largest supplier of value-based solutions in the market for commercial and investment properties.

We create value for our clients: We are always highly focused on ways to growing our clients’ potential for achieving their goals, whether higher profitability or efficiency, increased or reduced exposure to real property, higher returns or reduced risk.

We deliver efficient and innovative solutions: We identify the best possible and viable solutions for our clients, and we are not averse to new ways of thinking and new approaches.

International alliance with strong partner: We work closely with JLL, our alliance partner with more than 200 offices in 80 countries worldwide. Thanks to this partnership, we are able to assist our Danish clients in international markets, too.

The Sadolin & Albæk Group is a member of RICS, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, internationally acclaimed for its high valuation standards and practices.

Best in Class’: Sadolin & Albæk has repeatedly been named ‘Best Danish real estate advisor and consultant’ by financial magazine EUROMONEY. Based on international polls among peers in the property industry, Real Estate Awards have existed since 2005, and Sadolin & Albæk has repeatedly won several categories.

In 2013, the Sadolin & Albæk Group decided to add asset management to its range of services, to this end setting up an independent sister company, Keystone Investment Management A/S. Keystone functions as a strong partner to professional investors in the market, seeking assistance in terms of the management of their property portfolios. Keystone operates independently of Sadolin & Albæk and cooperates with all property mediators and consultants, even if they are competitors to Sadolin & Albæk.

In 2014, Keystone added more traditional property management to its product range when acquiring Taurus Ejendomsadministration ApS. On take-over, Taurus managed some 200 properties worth DKK 7.5bn and comprising 650,000 sqm space in total.

Sadolin & Albæk has existed since 1967. Sadolin & Albæk has offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus