Scanport – development of new business park

Scanport – development of new business park

With Sadolin & Albæk as adviser, Skanska gets a well-substantiated understanding of Scanport’s actual development potential and its primary target groups, facilitating an adjustment of development plans and optimised marketing efforts.

Situated in close proximity to Copenhagen Airport and overlooking the Sound across to Sweden, the new Scanport business park is now emerging. Several businesses have already chosen to settle in the area, and one of Scanport’s closest neighbours is National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet, the largest of its kind in northern Europe.

The Scanport area harbours 92,000 sqm building rights and is owned by Skanska, who contacts Sadolin & Albæk in order to achieve a better understanding of the opportunities that the area offers. According to the local plan, it is possible to build offices, hotel and conference facilities and other facilities relating thereto. However, Skanska is seeking advice on the more concrete usability of the area, how uses may complement each other and not least which type of company that Scanport could appeal to.

We prepare a feasibility study, using e.g. a ‘scorecard’ analysis of the area vis-à-vis various company types. We arrive at the conclusion that Scanport offers a number of opportunities to create a new and prominent business area at a unique and international location, and that the area appeals in particular to companies with an international profile. We draw up a well-substantiated proposal concerning the use of the area, showing how the area may distinguish itself from other Copenhagen business areas by establishing an attractive micro-location with a close-knit urban structure, etc.

Thanks to our advice, Skanska gets a well-substantiated understanding of Scanport’s actual development potential and primary target groups. On this basis, Skanska is able to adjust its development plans and optimise its marketing efforts, and, by extension, the possibilities of effecting lease or sales transactions in the area.